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  • Mobil Oil Filters

    Mobil Oil Filters provide long life performance for today's longer oil drain intervals.

    $5.99 for Mobil Filter or $11.99 for Mobil 1 Extended Performance Filter.

  • High Mileage Vehicle?

    TNT recommends our best value full synthetic motor oil or our Mobil high mileage synthetic blend.


  • Most Popular!

    TNT best value Supreme Full Synthetic Dexos 1 approved oil change!


  • Exceptional Performance And Protection Needed?

    Normal to extreme Mobil 1 oils keep engines running like new!

  • Diesel Oil Change

    We service your hard working diesel trucks and offer Mobil Delvac and Rotella motor oils.

    We also carry diesel exhaust fuel/D.E.F. for your newer diesel engine.

  • Interstate Batteries

    TNT is now a dealer of Interstate Batteries! Call us today or visit one of our locations for more details!

Oil Filters

GOOD: TNT offers a premium quality oil filter that is individually tested for leakage and randomly tested for pressure burst. This filter is included with all of our oil changes.

BETTER: Mobil Oil Filters are made alongside the world’s leading private label and original equipment manufacturers filters. This ensures the most stringent filter construction requirements are met for maximum protection on today’s demanding engines. Mobil filters not only meet, but normally exceed original equipment requirements for fit, function and total replacement value. $5.99

BEST: Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filters offer the ultimate protection for your engine – especially when used with Mobil 1™ fully synthetic motor oil. Our advanced performance oil filters use synthetic fibers, which leave your vehicle with cleaner oil and an engine that performs better and lasts longer. $11.99

What Oil To Choose

(0W-20 OR 5W-30)

$39.99 SUPREME SYNTHETIC Motor Oils are designed to provide exceptional lubrication for the engines of today. SUPREME SYNTHETIC Motor Oils can provide long engine life through enhanced lubrication and protection of critical engine parts. They also provide enhanced protection for the latest emission control systems and turbochargers. SUPREME SYNTHETIC Motor Oils start with a pure advantage. We use the HT Purity Process to remove performance-hindering impurities. Our base oils are 99.9% pure. That purity can help maximize the performance of our motor oils. In combination with leading-edge additive technology, they deliver exceptional resistance to thermal breakdown, outstanding low temperature fluidity, and excellent engine protection against wear and deposit formation under the most severe driving conditions.
MOBIL SPECIAL $34.99 Mobil Special™ Oils are formulated from quality base stocks combined wtih modern performance addititves to give your engine the protection and the performance you expect under a wide variety of operating conditions.
MOBIL HIGH MILEAGE SYNTHETIC BLEND $54.99 Mobil Super High Mileage oils are uniquely formulated for engines with more than 75,000 miles. These high mileage oils contain seal conditioners to help prevent leaks and control oil consumption. Mobil Super High Mileage premium conventional oils offer outstanding wear protection under a wide variety of operating conditions, and they have been proven to fight sludge and help reduce wear.
MOBIL 1 $69.99 Mobil 1 advanced full synthetic motor oils deliver exceptional performance and protection for vehicles of all ages and for all driving conditions - normal to extreme. Mobil 1 oils keep engines running like new. In fact, Mobil 1 is the World's Leading Synthetic motor oil brand, recommended by more car builders and used by more NASCAR® teams than any other brand of motor oil. What's more, Mobil 1 oils meet or exceed the toughest standards of Japanese, European and U.S. car builders.


Ask For Pricing Mobil Delvac helps extend diesel engine life for some of the most severe on and off highway applications.
ROTELLA DIESEL OIL Ask For Pricing Through the use of Shell's most advanced technology, Shell Rotella's heavy duty engine oil offers enhanced fuel economy, improved wear performance, deposit control & heat resistance.
DIESEL EXHAUST FLUID Ask For Pricing D.E.F is also available. Ask for more details.
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