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  • Mobil Oil Filters

    Mobil Oil Filters provide long life performance for today's longer oil drain intervals.

    $5.99 for Mobil Filter or $11.99 for Mobil 1 Extended Performance Filter.

  • High Mileage Vehicle?

    TNT recommends our best value full synthetic motor oil or our Mobil high mileage synthetic blend.


  • Most Popular!

    TNT best value Supreme Full Synthetic Dexos 1 approved oil change!


  • Exceptional Performance And Protection Needed?

    Normal to extreme Mobil 1 oils keep engines running like new!

  • Diesel Oil Change

    We service your hard working diesel trucks and offer Mobil Delvac and Rotella motor oils.

    We also carry diesel exhaust fuel/D.E.F. for your newer diesel engine.

  • Interstate Batteries

    TNT is now a dealer of Interstate Batteries! Call us today or visit one of our locations for more details!

How To Choose The Right Oil For Your Vehicle

FULL SYNTHETIC All Cars Full Synthetic oils are always better for your car. They flow through your engine easier and will not break down as fast. They will give you more protection and more MPGs!
5W-20 & 5W-30 are the most popular viscosities. 5W-20 is preferred by Ford & most older Asian makes. Chrysler and older GM prefer 5W-30. Current performance specifications are API SN & ILSAC GF-5.
Full Synthetic
Hybrids & newer Toyota, Honda, & Mazda engines require 0W-20 because the clearances inside newer engines are so small. A Really thin oil is needed to lubricate all the moving parts. 0W-20 will maximize engine life, performance, and fule mileage.
Full Synthetic
Most European cars require either a 0W-40 or 5W-40 full synthetic engine oil. ACEA 08 is the newest European specificaiton. Always check your service manual for the correct viscosity.
Make sure you have the latest specification for your truck. CJ-4 is the latest standard. Newer diesel engines also require Diesel Exhaust Fluid to maximize fuel mileage and cut down on harmful exhaust fumes.
The difference between 5W-30 and 5W-30 dexos1 is the quality standard General Motors requires for their vehicles since 2011. The dexo1 specification is a higher standard than API SN or ISLAC GF-5 and has synthetic properties.
HIGH MILEAGE Most Cars High mileage oils are recommended for cars with 75,000 miles or more. They help clean older engines to restore power and fuel economy. They also have additives that condition and restore seals and help stop leaks.
***Always check your service manual for the correct viscosity grade.***
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